Give your worries to God.
Toss them into the sea
and walk the shore in serenity.


Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy and have thinner thighs!



When you get dressed, don't forget to put your happy on!



Growth is always good...
as long as it's not a wart.


It doesn't pay to be on the fence about anything.
You might get a splinter up your butt.



Life is simple. PEOPLE can make it very complicated.



Live in F. E. A. R.
Feel Excited About Reality


You can love someone, but it's the like part that gets you through the tough times.



You can't be a light in the darkness if you never go into the dark.



You can't build bridges if you're always building walls. 

Always be open and ready to learn--
no matter what your age.

If you find your Plan is not working out as you hoped, don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear. Mentally prepare yourself by creating alternate plans. If necessary, seek the support of friends, family, or other trusted counsel to help you find a new way forward. I’m not suggesting you intentionally set yourself up to fail at achieving your goals, but to be prepared should you find yourself careening off your chosen path. You want to be able to bounce back if you hit a brick wall. That last half-inch is going to hurt, and it's definitely going to leave a mark, but you don't have to walk away permanently scarred. Learn from the experience and choose to move forward. Choose to move on to your next plan.


--excerpt from the book housekeeper wisdom by Susan Crocker

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© 2020-2024 Susan Crocker
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