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Be honest with yourself

If you're wanting to get to the heart of your own issues, consider speaking with a trained psychologist. Counseling is helpful if you want to get to the heart of why you do what you do. Be prepared to take a deep look at your spirit and what you're all about. Be honest as you get to know yourself. Find out what really drives you. You can lean on friends and family for advice and support, but sometimes it takes a trained professional to get to the bottom of an issue.


Are you ready to "clean house?" Maybe your life needs cleaning more than your house does. Be brave enough to make it happen.

SuzyQ recommends these products for cleaning your home

All-around cleaner:
Mr. Clean-- Summer Citrus (is antibacterial)
Dilute with water


Soap-scum remover:
Scrub Free Total Bathroom Cleaner


Favorite for bathroom sink & chrome:
Scrubbing Bubbles


Toilet bowl cleaner:
Any in the Lysol line


Toilet bowl cleaner FOR RUST:
The Works Toilet Cleaner
(with Hydrogen Chloride in ingredients)


Natural, Plant-based Multi-purpose sprays:
METHOD line of sprays


Natural cleaner:
Vinegar! Use full-strength or diluted
depending on the job


Laminate floor cleaner:
Bona or Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner


Always keep bleach on hand. Some bacteria and viruses can only be killed with bleach. Mix with water as a 10% solution which works well for many jobs. Check online for recommendations and health information.


Best Vacuum/ sweeper for home use:
Shark Navigator Liftaway

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