When you learn better,
you do better.


These last several years have been quite a journey for me and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve healed some old wounds, learned how to be myself again-- only better-- and I’ve grown emotionally and spiritually. In my personal journey, I've had some profound experiences, both good and bad, that are the direct result of my choosing to become a housekeeper. When I began cleaning houses, it was with the intent of making a living. I had no idea that my real gains would be far more than financial. And the gains were so great and the lessons so valuable that I was compelled to write them down and share them.


I have a college degree, and yet, I'm cleaning houses. This is not what I planned 30 years ago. This is hard work. It's hard on my body. But cleaning houses has been a life-changing experience for me. The wisdom I've gained far exceeds anything I learned in any classroom, and I'm emotionally richer than I ever thought I'd be.


                -- Susan Crocker

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